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8 Gallon Oil Drain- $129.00

  • Four swivel casters make it portable and easy to maneuver
  • 17 funnel diameter
  • Raises up to 55 tall


25 Gallon Gas Caddy- $369.00

This 25 gallon capacity gas caddy is perfect for homes, shops, marinas, farms, or anywhere you need to easily transport and dispense fuel. The gas caddy features heavy duty steel construction for long lasting durability. The caddy also features rugged solid rubber wheels and a dolly handle for easy moving wherever needed. This 25 gallon gas caddy works with gasoline, kerosene, diesel, or mixed fuels.

  • 25 gallon capacity
  • Heavy duty steel construction
  • Two way rotary pump (for siphoning and dispensing)
  • Fluid level gauge
  • 8 solid rubber tires
  • Dolly handle
  • 8 flexible hose
  • Shipping weight 75 lbs.

18 Gallon Oil Extractor- $369.00

This 18 gallon capacity Oil Extractor and Oil Drain is perfect for any commercial or home shop. This oil drain/extractor features both a standard funnel to catch drained oil from overhead as well as a vacuum pump to suck oil out of an engine. Also the 18 gallon Oil Extractor is pressurized removing the need to pick up and dump the waste oil from the tank when you are finished. Simply attach an air supply to the Oil Extractor and the oil is automatically discharged from the tank. The 18 gallon capacity Oil Extractor/drain is highly versatile; it comes with a long suction hose and three different flexible probe adapters, so it will work with almost any vehicle, and features a dolly handle and rear swivel casters for easy positioning wherever it is needed.

  • Steel funnel
  • Measuring tank
  • 3 Solid rubber rear swivel casters
  • 5 Solid rubber front wheels
  • Dolly handle
  • 3 probe adapters 2 plastic, and 5/16 diameter 1 copper, " diameter
  • Shipping Weight: 78 LBS.


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